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    Warp Stabilizer and Speed can't be used on same clip


      ...just my luck that on my first ever Premiere project (CS6) I'm building a timeline and need to use both the Rate Stretch Tool and the Warp Stabilizer on multiple clips. The message, "Warp Stabilizer and Speed can't be used on same clip" took me by surprise.


      However, after research here on the Forum, I found a Workaround that I'm deploying:


      "Apply the effects, nest and finally apply warp stabilize" Ann Bens


      Here's what I did:

      1. In my only sequence -- Sequence 01 -- I highlighted a clip that I had already applied Rate Stretch to.
      2. chose Clip/Nest
      3. This created a Nested Sequence 02 with the clip in it.
      4. In Sequence 01, the clip now says, "Nested Sequence 02"
      5. I applied the Warp Stabilizer to the Nested Sequence 02 clip and it worked. Both Rate Stretch and Warp Stabilizer have been applied to the same clip!


      So I've done this like ten times to ten clips and now have 10 Nested Sequence folders.



      1. Are my step-by-steps correct?
      2. Do I let these multiple Nested Sequences just keep piling up? (when I right click on a Nested Sequence and choose Clear, I get a warning message that I'm going to delete clip references)
      3. Now that the workaround has worked, is there a way to close -- unlink -- from these Nested Sequence folders? If so how?


      I am so Over My Head for a first project. I thought you could always compound Video Effects!