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    Suddenly getting "Missing Plug-Ins" errors when opening .indd files in InDesign CS2


      I have a PC running Windows 7 and InDesign CS2. The laptop's installation of Windows was corrupted and I had to re-install the OS. I backed up all files, reinstalled the OS, and then reinstalled applications. One of those applications was InDesign CS2. However, after the installation of CS2 on the fresh copy of Windows, I noticed that I have trouble opening most, but not all, of the InDesign files on my hard drive.


      When I try to open a .indd file I see an error message pop up that says "Missing Plug-ins. LILO.APLN, DYNAMICDOCUMENTS.RPLN, CONDITIONALTEXT.RPLN" and three more. Under that list of missing plugins is the warning "This document uses one or more plug-ins which are not currently available on your system. Do you want to open anyway?"  If I click "okay" I then am met with another dialog box that says "Cannot open file. TEXT.RPLN, LAYER.RPLN" and on and on for about 60 more items.


      I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING! I've searched around concerning this issue and it appears the consensus is that the file was opened by a newer version of InDesign. That possibility is, in fact, an impossibility. Never have I used a newer version of InDesign. The files that I am working on were backed up, stored on local storage and not touched once before reinstalling the OS and reinstalling InDesign CS2.


      I also noticed that not all InDesign file formats were associated with InDesign in "Windows Programs and Defaults." I changed those to look to InDesign. I've also uninstalled InDesign CS2 and re-installed.


      Not all InDesign CS2 files are exhibiting this behavior. So far, it appears more than half are, but some can be opened with no problems. There seems to be no correlation between which ones are able to be opened and which ones can't be opened.


      What could have happened to these files and is there any possibility of opened them again? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.