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    Start procejt with mc._invisible then make it visible by button, impossible? :>


      Hello, like topic reads.


      Iv googling and trying to make my movieclip invisible from start and then make it visible as you hover over a button. It seems impossible. You make it invisible and when making it visible again it just flickers and dissappears. 



      Simply putting mc._visible = "false" in the code


      and then putting this on the button:


      on (rollOver) {

      mc._visible = "true" }


      WONT WORK.






      So if this is impossible, please just tell me and I will simply just skip the idea of having speech bubbles entering on rollover.  : )



      and btw, sorry if I come off as arrogant, ignorant and stupid.

      Im just so frustrated at the moment, I have spent 3 hours on something that initially I just wanted to add as a little nice detail.