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    Error Has Occured Cannot Save File


      3 problems:


      Problem 1:


      I was unable to save a file. When trying to save a file I received the message "an error has occured". I was later able to re-save the file under a different name.


      Problem 2:


      Fireworks crashed (occurs at least 5 times a day) hence the reason I need to save so often.


      Problem 3:


      I tried re-opening the recovered file and cannot open it. It says "Could not open the file. An internal error has occured."


      Is any of this hardware related? I have 8 gigs of ram and a relatively new computer (27 inch imac from 2010). I don't expect to recover my work, but is there anything I can do to prevent any of these problems from occuring?

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          Mastov1 Level 1

          Well this may be related, it may not.


          I reduced the file from 175mb to 114mb... is their an optimal file size range I should stay in? Or at least an upper limit I shouldn't hit?


          I reduced the canvas size from 1200x7000 to 1200x6500... I read somewhere that 7000 is the limit and all kinds of instability occur after that.


          Any insights greatly appreciated.

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            This happens to me all the time as well. Fireworks CS6 regularly fails at saving.


            One thing I've narrowed it down to is that this will always cause save fails:


            1) Create a new page.

            2) Create a layer called "Foo".

            3) On first page, create a layer called "Foo". Share that layer with the other page.

            4) Try saving. It will fail.


            I have a lot of pages in this project. Even with those conflicts eliminated, there's still some other unknown reason that causes save fails. Just now, I deleted objects in two different pages. Save fails. Sometimes I rename a page. Save fails. Sometimes I look at Fireworks wrong, save fails.


            It's failed to re-open the file, which has freaked me out. But restarting Fireworks resolved it. Still, save is sort of ESSENTIAL to placing faith in a program which is the ONLY ONE that can read that file format.


            I used to love Fireworks, back in the Macromedia days. But it's clear Adobe has never given two craps about it, even though it's a cool program for wireframing / templating, and designing. With all the save bugs, I might have to give it up. :-(

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              artythesmarty Level 1

              The worse thing?


              I went to see if there were updates for Fireworks CS6.


              The Application Updater fails after it starts updating.