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    New context root set up

    Anoop_Kumar Level 1



         For the author instance of our project we need to create a new context root set up.

      We have set up the context root in the admin console of the author instance as below:



      Also, we have changed the below param in the crx-quickstart/server/runtime/0/_WC2_crx/WEB-INF/web.xml file.

      launchpad.ctx.path = /WC2

      But after doing this and restarting the server, CQ is not able to get hold of the repository. The CQ server comes up, but any access to repository fails.


      Are we missing anything more? Any help provided in getting this to work is deeply appreciated.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Anoop Kumar

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          rush_pawan Level 4

          I have not executed this but by seeing above scenario i can say to check below things.


          # root context (in this case _WC2_)- check the deployment descriptor

               - for all the configuration parameters because this takes hold of enterting in to repository

               -  It also has filters setting for other applications like /crx

               - Servlet mapping


          # Do same for /WC2/crx (as you mentioned above you only modified  launchpad.ctx.path = /WC2)


          # Do same for /WC2/admin console (not sure whether you have changed context path for this too)


          # check sling.properties if you have done any custom config changes (Day\Author\crx-quickstart\launchpad)


          I think above may help you bit to make it work. All the best.