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    Audio from Sony EX1 has segments cut-out. Bug Found?


      Adobe PP CS6.0.3


      Sony PMW-EX1 video

      1080i 29.97

      Clip Length 3:50 min

      Stored 2x2GB USB3 RAID 0

      ASUS P5E Deluxe, Intel 9450 Quad 2.66 Ghz, 8GB RAM

      nvidia GeForce GTX560 Ti  Mercury Engine active

      Matrox MX02 7.0.2  (Harm, please no venting on Matrox)


      I have a clip that once played the video and audio in PPro CS6.0.3 but now the audio is a problem.  It plays clearly but about every 3 sec. the audio jumps ahead.  In the timeline, the waves stop about half way through the clip.


      The same clip plays perfectly in VLC Player.


      I uninstalled and reinstall Matrox software, it did not help.

      I deleted the troubled file and brought in the same file from my RAID 10 archive, same problem.

      I opened PP holding the Alt and Shift keys to clear the preferences, no change.

      Created a new project with only the troubled clip in it, still jacked-up.

      I used C-Cleaner and deleted the temp files, scanned for a virus, danced in circles clockwise and counterclockwise while pulling out my hair alas, I have run out of tricks.


      Could this be a Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6.0.3 bug? You betcha!


      Now I must once again crawl back to CS5.5 and rebuild this project that due in a week becase CS6, CS6.0.2 and CS6.0.3 do not work with Sony EX1 clips.


      Yes, Ill report this as a suspected bug and call tech support.  The previous Adobe EX1 video tearing bug was fixed after 6 months. How long will this bug fix take?