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    New InDesign CS6 tutorial

    Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

      InDesign CS6 to EPUB, Kindle, and iPad with Anne-Marie Concepcion

      "In this course, author Anne-Marie Concepción shows publishers, designers, and production assistants how to use Adobe InDesign CS6 to create print books for the exploding ebook market. Starting from an overview of how ebooks are bought, sold, and read, the course shows how to prepare existing InDesign files for optimal EPUB conversion, and how to design new projects for a dual print/EPUB output. Anne-Marie also demonstrates how to embed video and fonts in reflowable ebooks, and how to customize the internal markup for various devices, including converting files to the Kindle format. Finally, discover how to set up publisher accounts at the major ebook distribution channels, such as iBookstore, or even sell ebooks directly to readers on your own ecommerce site." Extract copied from the Lynda.com site


      I have no connection with Lynda.com


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          AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks Derek! I chose to wait until InDesign CS6.01 was out before I recorded the title since the 8.01 patch fixed a few quite annoying issues with EPUB Export in CS 6.0.


          From the feedback to my 3 previous versions of this title (one each for CS4, CS5, and CS5.5), I made sure to include step-by-step fixes for the major pain points people have with the process to getting great-looking EPUBs from InDesign, and was able to include all-new material on adding video, embedding fonts, EPUB 3, and using Dreamweaver in the EPUB workflow, among other topics.


          You need to be a lynda.com subscriber to view the entire title, but there are a few free sample videos I hand-picked for people. One I thought would be great, even if you don't export to EPUB, is "Using Free Scripts to Automate Text Formatting" ... check it out!



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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I also have no connection with Lynda.com.


            Anne-Marie's tutorials are by far the best way to learn EPUB in InDesign. They are quite thorough, and she really knows all the utilities, scripts, etc. to help speed up your EPUB production. It still can be quite a slog learning to make EPUBs, but she definitely helps you along in a very engaging way.

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              Hi AM.
              Thanks for your remarkable work. I have a question. Is Indesign cs6 much different from cs5.5? I have the cs5.5-to-EPUB tutorial and would like to know before getting the cs6 tutorial. Thanks!