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    Form Service API

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      Hopefully someone will be able to assist me.


      I am fairly new to Form Service API. Here's my scenario...


      I have a client who will be developing an application to prepopulate a pdf form. The client will do a Web Service call, which will pass XML data source(to be merged with PDF template for prepopulation).


      I have to develop a Form Server Web Servie API, which will merge the passed XML and PDF and send the merged PDF via an OutputStream to the Web Browser.


      I  have already gone through the "Quick Start (Base64): Rendering an interactive PDF form using the web service API", and was able to prepopulate the form with xml data, but only to realise that I need to access my code through a web service call. What  I did was, generate a html page which had a submit button that will invoke the servlet doPost method.


      What I would like to know is converting what I've done to accommodate a Web Service call, that sends a SOAP request to the API?


      Or if possible direct me to a link that would stir me into the right direction as to what I need to do.


      If it's not too much trouble, could I be given a step by step as to how the process should be in order to achieve my desired results.


      Any help would be appreciated.