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    Provide un-editable predefined action in Adobe Acrobat X for secure scan process?


      Hi Adobe Community,


      we have a project where we want to use Adobe Acrobat X as Scan-Software for secure content. With the help of a predefined action, the scan gets directly encrypted.


      This approach is only valid, if the predefined action (that defines the encryption settings including an encryption password) cannot be changed afterwards by the enduser, after the central IT has provided the action configuration to special workstations in a secure area. Is there a way to do this?


      Since the password for the encryption is to be changed regularily, is there a way to rollout the the action configuration to the client PCs automatically (i.e. put the config file in a special directory on the client PC via network distribution, Acrobat automatically uses/detects this newly provided configuration). Is it possible?


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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There's no way to hide the password stored inside an Action (a .sequ file), it's just a series of XML commands. The storage format for security policies (.acrodata) does hash the password but there's no system for import/export of those policies unless you use a rights management server.


          If you want to push a "read-only" Action to a deployed install of Acrobat, copy the .sequ file into the Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat XX.0/Acrobat/Sequences/ABC folder (where ABC is your language install, for example ENU). It will be read as a system level Action so the Edit/Rename/Remove buttons will be disabled, but they can still make a copy and edit that.