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    CF 9.0.2 and Oracle - On update returns error "Auto-generated keys were not requested..."

    Prasanth Kumar.S Level 1

      We have a simple update statement to Oracle 11g Database. When running the statement the data is not getting updated and we are getting an error "Auto-generated keys were not requested, or the SQL was not a simple INSERT statement. ErrorCode=0 SQLState=HY000". We found this error by dumping the SQL to a file.

      But most other Update statements are working fine.

      Also, the same statment works for Oracle 10g and Coldfusion 9.0.0.

      Any idea if this is a problem with Coldfusion or Oracle? Is there any resolution.


      I found the CF 8 had a similar issue and was fixed in a hotfix (http://helpx.adobe.com/coldfusion/kb/error-auto-generated-keys-requested.html).