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    Version History for Functions Missing in Docs

    Gabriel Landes

      Am I the only one that doesn't like the documentation for CF9&10. We just moved from CF8 to 10 and I have to say, I liked the docs website for 8 a lot better. What I miss:

      • full tree list always present on left side - makes nav b/t functions easier as well as function discovery. The new docs site makes you go back to the functions page and then know the first letter to drill down. This is fine if i know the function, but I sometimes am searching for "that one that does that thing ... " I have to nav in an out of each sub menu... grrr!
      • version history for functions - where is 'history' section noting when a function was added/updated; I haven't researched this, but its not there on "dateTimeFormat"...
      • more robust documentation - the descriptions and explanations seem shallower and less thorough; also an opinion w/o a lot of quantitative analysis.

      Anyone else feeling this way?


      Are there other sites out there presenting the adobe docs? I found http://cfdocs.org/ & http://www.cfquickdocs.com but that is not much better...