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    Stopping a video from vimeo/youtube/server


      Hi all!


      I've been using code from Heatherowe(Darrell) to get video to play. I have a mix of vimeo videos and server videos playing.


      I'm an animation pro/motion graphics pro/graphic designer. I'm using containers to call up video. The problem is that the way I have set up my site, once a video loads and starts playing it won't unload if you click the nav to go to a different part of the site even if that element/symbol has an off/on keyframe.



      Click my demo reel. Video pops up. It plays. You don't want to watch the whole thing so you go to Contact. Click the Contact button and it goes to Contact, and view all of my contact info. However, the Vimeo video is playing in the background. This is a huge problem since I have almost 20 videos. If you click Demo Reel, it starts to play. Then you want to click on my 3D or Motion Graphics portion of the website, it will pop up with videos that you can click on to play. The problem is that the other video is still playing even though you are on a different portion of the site. I need a way to stop the video from playing so that other videos can load and play.


      In flash this was accomplished with a load and an unload command. When you click on this, it unloads this and loads this. Here, this is similar to the on/off except a container is just a container. The callled movie doesn't know how to unload when something else is clicked to view/load.


      I hope this makes sense.