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    Black Bars surrounding exported video but my settings all match???


      I am intentionally making a video for Youtube.  I shot with a DSLR Canon Rebel Ti3 at 1280x720/ 30fps.  When I started a new project I chose the DSLR editing preset and chose 1280x720 ( I've also tried other ones and they are all doing the same thing).  In my work area I had to resize the video a little bit but fit every shot in the frame.  When I go to export I hit the H264, Youtube HD Widescreen 1280x720, 29.97 fps.  I've tried starting a new sequence, copying the old footage and placing it into a new setting, and that helped the end of my footage to be full size but the majority of it still has black borders.  The end being full size really threw me off because I have no idea what I did to make the end of my video work like I wanted it too.  Please help!!  I've been trying to read different forums about this subject, and tried a few suggestions, but I don't know why the end of the footage is fine and the majority of the video is not full screen?!?!