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    Everything works but android (galaxy nexus)


      I have not set up conditions for my website to work on devices, so this may be a moot question. However, my edge website works on everything but old IE and my galaxy nexus running Jelly Bean. Actually, it does work. However, I have an opening animation that does not work so well on GNex. The animation will load but will play somewhat, then play in reverse and keep repeating never getting past the opening animation. If you click where the navigation is SUPPOSED to be (because it is part of the opening animation....the left nav fades in when the opening logo fades out) then it skips the initial logo animation and loads everything else fine.


      Anyone have this problem too? The opening animation is about 2-3 seconds. Again, it just repeats never getting into the actual site. If I click where the nav is supposed to be, the next label in Edge loads and everything works fine. However, it's one of those things where you can't put a warning for those using android devices to just "tap the screen until it loads."


      Hope this makes sense and hope everyone understands. This happened with both the android browser and Chrome browser for Galaxy Nexus (verizon) devices. iPad works just fine. Haven't tried iPhone but if iPad works, I'm sure iPhone does too.