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    Setting Up a Book - Some Basic Questions

    Lukabrazzi Level 1

      Hi, all.  I'm trying to layout a book for self-publishing.  I have quite a bit of experience with Indesign, but I've never handled this many pages at once before.  The book has five main sections ranging from 10-30 pages each, which I'd like to manage as five separate ID files that can unltimately be combined into a single file to create a final PDF for the printer.  These sections will share the same formatting, except for the headers which identify each section.  There will also be some front matter (table of contents, introduction, etc) as well as some back end material (like a glossary and index), which I'd like to add last.


      The content has been written and I'm ready to start designing.  Can anyone give me some advice up-front on how best to approach this project and set things up?  Also, how does one merge several files into one, while maintaining the appropriate master pages for each and ensuring continuous page numbering throughout?


      I'm sure this ground has been covered, but I can't seem to find exactly what I need from searching the posts.  Sorry for the redundancy.


      My sincere thanks in advance for any assistance.