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    Is Premiere elements 10 compatible with Windows 8 professional

    AbhayB Level 1

      Hi. I am currently running Photoshop elements 10 and Premiere elements 10 (64Bit) on a Windows 7 Home Premium machine. The Hardware specs are pretty good, with a I7 2.5 processor, 8GB RAM, 2GB dedicated video card etc.


      I was planning to upgrade myself to Windows 8 Professional using the $14 offer... however, need to know for sure that these 2 software work with Windows 8 and there are no issues.


      Is there anyone here, who has tried to run these 2 software on Windows 8, and if so, what has been your experience. Are there any issues, or any performance lags?


      I am pretty sure I do not want to pay the additional dollars to upgrade to version 11, so all responses will be very helpful indeed.


      Thanks in advance.