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    How can I have a .pdf that is encrypted (read only, no printing), but is searchable?


      I have a file containing secured .pdf documents.  These documents can be viewed electronically, but cannot be printed.  The security settings chosen are "Encrypt all document contents except metadata," and "Restrict editing and printing of the document."   All the documents have had "recognize text in this file" done on each one.


      The document is stored in a folder for scanned documents of this type on a network drive.  The document can be opened and read by anyone with an Acrobat Reader (we use version 8), but they cannot alter it or print it.  However, what is needed is a means to be able to search among all the documents in that folder for particular words within any of the documents.


      For example, I could open up the file, and using the "Search" function search "all files and folders" for the word "DEA."  The search engine should then call up every .pdf in that folder that has the word "DEA" somewhere in the text. 


      If there is no security applied to any of the documents this works just fine.  But when security is applied to the documents the search brings back "Seach is complete, there are no results to display."  The search engine will only find documents within that file that have no security enabled.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?



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          Do you check "enable copying of text, images and other content"? That's essentially what a search engine needs.


          But each search engine is a separate piece of software with its own rules. What are you using for that?

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            We use Windows XP Professional, version 5.1, Service Pack 3.


            I enabled "copying of text, images and other content."  Then ran my test through the Adobe reader and the search engine worked as advertised (I searched for a single word found on the last page of the document, and it called up the document). 


            The next thing I had to worry about was the copying.  These are controlled documents and this is why we do not want them printable.  We do not have electronic signatures in use as defined in CFR 11, so the signed document is only permitted a certain number of controlled copies within the facility.  Trying copying produced readable and useful copies of the text, but not the signatures nor the template features, and other items like equations did not copy in a manner that made them look like those in the document (again, readable, but not exact reproductions).  This will undoubtably be satisfactory. 


            I think that simple solution solves the problem.



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