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    Export to Premiere Pro from Audition has stopped working...


      Hello guys,


      When I've finished an edit in Premiere I send it to Audition via Edit>Edit in Adobe Auditoin>Sequence.


      But when I've finished in Audition and try to send it back via Multitrack>Export to Premiere Pro (sent as each track as a stem), Audition processes the session and then tries to send it back to Premiere.


      The screen jumps back to Premiere as usual, but instead of seaing the pop-up window to insert new tracks as it should do, nothing happens. I've ran lots of tests to see what is going wrong, and can't find it. Somewhere on the journey into Premiere, the process stops and I really, really liked this feature.


      Can anybody shed some light on why this has suddenly stopped working? I have made no changes to the installation of either Premiere or Audition, and neither have any plug-ins or extras.


      Hope you can help,