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    ${payload.xxxxx} email template syntax for multi-value checkbox lists


      We have a few forms that are using the built-in mail action.  Since we'd like more control over how the body of the email is formatted, we decided to switch to storing the content and then having a workflow act on it.


      The workflow model itself is as simplistic as it gets.  It invokes the provided "Send Email Process" which accepts a path to a template. For the most part, we've had no trouble creating the templates until now.


      We have a checkbox list that is being troublesome.  When a single checkbox is checked, the reference to ${payload.xxxxx} shows the recorded value.  When multiple checkboxes are checked, {$payload.xxxxx} isn't interpreted anymore, it's just printed out as "${payload.xxxxx}".


      What is the syntax for having a multi-valued payload property be printed? I haven't really found any reference material for what can or can't be done in these email templates (other than what's briefly mentioned in the geometrixx example template), so there may be syntax that I'm missing.


      The built-in form action for emailing the contents of a form has no trouble printing out multi-valued properties.  Can this be done using the provided "Send Email Process" (com.day.cq.collab.commons.SendEmailProcess)?