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    Does anyone know any tips for editing video to display on an LED digital billboard?

    it@caotti.net Level 1

      I was just given a MOV file of a TV commercial they want to display on a digital billboard. It needs to be converted to AVI format.

      They said when they tried to translate it to AVI, it looked terrible and they couldn't tell what it was.

      They thought I might have better luck since I have Premiere Pro.


      I'm a beginner with Premiere anyway, but I also have no experience with digital billboards. I have no idea what settings I should use or anything.


      I think it's going to look pixelated anyway, just because that's what LED signs do. Also, the TV commercial is a night scene around a campfire, so that doesn't help.


      I asked what company made the sign and they told me ICE and the software used for it is called IView, but I haven't been able to Google anything helpful from ICE so far.


      So any tips, tricks or suggestions from anyone who might have previous experience with this kind of thing would be GREATLY appreciated.