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    Kuler Account Inaccessible & Phone Support Nonexistant


      My Kuler account no longer has any of my email addresses tied to it and the old password no longer works, I contacted Adobe phone support which after 70 minutes of talking to them they finally say "sorry Kuler is community controlled and we cant help you, you need to post on the forums". So here i am, I have an account id that I can not access and have no idea who on these forums will be able to help me.


      Also to be clear the account i am postingwith is not the account I need to access, I had to have a second account to post with in order to access the help to get access to my account (very alice in wonderland the customer support setup seems to be?)


      If you can help please let me know I have 60 plus themes in this account and would like to access it again.