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    Search returning CSS classes...

    mtremblay33 Level 1

      Using the default search component JSP, I'm getting results back for pages containing Text components whose text property contains HTML containing, say <p class="mysearchterm">...</p>. This is not the behaviour on Geometrixx: only the stripped out HTML is returned. Is this an index issue or a search manipulation issue? How can I ensure that search does not return HTML tags and properties?


      I've already configured a custom indexing_config.xml file, adding two properties to exclude, from custom components.


      On Geometrixx, only content that's outside HTML tags is "indexed" – I put that in quotes because I'm not sure if the HTML is indeed all indexed, and then the search strips it out. But the fact is, CSS classes and other HTML metadata is not returned as search hits on Geo.


      Pointers as to what to check for? Thanks in advance,