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    Adobe? To be, or not to be?


      Our question is quite long and detailed.  A little history first: we have a TV show that airs on Fox TV, we are currently using FCP (with the latest update), we can't stand FCP any longer because of too many glitches.  And we have to have our shows to Fox by a certain time,  and we get in a crunch sometimes because of the inherent problems with FCP.  We are looking for a new post-production video editing program that offers closed captioning.  The FCC (or Fox) will not allow a show to air after 6:00 AM local time without it being closed captioned.  We need to move up to a different time slot and we can only do this with our show being closed captioned.  I spoke with 5 different guys (all living in India - one of them the main supervisor over the technical division of Adobe) for over an hour and none of them were able to help me...and 3 of them didn't even know know what closed captioning was.  Bottom line guys: we need closed captioning capability.  Which Adobe program will edit our video files, burn them to a DVD with closed captioning as part of the package.  Does Adobe offer this; and if so, is it written into the back end of their program or is it another program that we have to buy from a different vendor that will interface with Adobe?  Thank you in advance for your wisdom in this problem and your experience with this software.  My contact info is: robert@roberthammondministries.org (316) 619.4000