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    Get specific stage when using multiple compositions

    ti2m Level 1


      in EdgeSuite (http://edgedocks.com/edge-suite) we are using one compositions multiple times alongside on a page. They are being configured during runtime via daja injection. The problem is getting the specific stage object. sym.getComposition().getStage() always gets you the stage of the first composition on the page. sym.$(compId) doesn't work either. So far we are solving this by climbing up with sym = sym.getParent() in a while loop until there is no parent anymore, which results in the desired stage div. Is there a more direct way to do this?


      People start writing custom code and are using a reference to the stage div more often. Problem is that for drupal and wordpress integration I need to change the stage id, but then the users code doesn't work anymore. An easy API function to get the stage in a multi comp setup would be really great.