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    AE Modifies Photoshop File

    Adon'tbe Level 1



      So I created an animation in Photoshop frame-by-frame and it looks good. But when I import it into AE, it moves and crops some layers. This is really messing with the animation but additionally it actually changes the PSD on the harddrive. Thankfully I've made backup copies though. What is going on here?


      I've tried cropping the PSD before importing.

      I've tried the function that says "Match layer across frames"

      I've tried importing as a Composition with and without retaining layer sizes.


      No layers are locked. The file is RGB. Both files are the same dimensions.




      In this screenshot you can see the bird in photoshop (left) is in a different position than the bird in AE (right). It is actually cropped, not just moved.


      I'd appreciate any help in working out this issue.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First of all it is not possible for After Effects to make a change in a source footage file. AE didn't change your PSD, it can't.


          As far as the position being different and the bird being cropped there could be several explanations. Not being on the same frame. Pixel aspect ratio problems. We don't know enough about your PSD file (frame size for example) to know where to look for the solution.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Agree with Rick. It's unlikely that AE modifies the file, though not impossible. The one obvious thing that jumps to the eye is that your animation palette is open in PS and that can cause all sorts of issues. AE doesn't really handle pre-animated PS stuff and for all intents and purposes, AE could simply use the default positioning of the layers or a different frame from the PSD animation. Turn that stuff off and don't use it.



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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              If you can post a more detailed explanation of your workflow it will be easier to determine what is wrong.  It appears from your screenshot that you've created the animation layer by layer within the PSD.  How do you go about sequencing those layers after you import the document?

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                Adon'tbe Level 1

                Yes, correct. In photoshop, for the pigeons and cars separately, I created a layer after each time I added frame and simply made the other layers not visible. So 26 frames = 53 layers (one is a background layer, 26 layers of pigeons and 26 layers of cars).


                Once I import the psd into AE, I keep the background layer full length and make each other layer 2 frames long (essentialy creating 12 fps in a 24 fps file) then use Keyframe Assistant to sequence layers.




                Even before sequencing, if I just import it and view the PSD layers within the Project palette in AE, it shows the layer is cut off.



                After the import the PSD looks like this:



                Notice the bird is in the position it should be, but is cut off where it was in After Effects.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Try importing as a comp with retain layer sizes checked.  Make sure your PSD frame size includes all the visible layers. If that still doens't work post the PSD and we'll take a look. You only need include 1 of the pigeon layers.

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                    Dave LaRonde Level 6

                    It's tough to read the comp resolution, but I think it's 1920x1080.  Your Photoshop work is 1920x1488.  Is there a reason for the difference?

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      The problem with your PSD File is that it's set up as an animation. If it was just a stack of layers and had no timeline it should work.

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                        Adon'tbe Level 1

                        Yes, the white line in my psd shows the resolution of the comp and in AE, I move the background layer down throughout the keyframes.

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                          Adon'tbe Level 1

                          I'll try getting rid of the animation.