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    Long rendering times in CS5.5


      I'm working on a 32min long video, about 50% is 5D2 clips, the other 50% is Sony HXR-NX5E clips.


      They all have the next effects:


      looks (nothing heavy, just some curves)

      fast color correct (more or less just for small corrections)

      collorista II (a bit of HSL tweaking, nothing much)

      a bit of added sharpness


      And nothing less.


      All the 5D2 clips are already rendered (green line in timeline) and now I'm about to render the sony clips. They are just a bit over 16min long (alltogether) and when hitting render it is telling me it will take 12 hours :/

      Considering from the experience it will probably take around 8-9hours and not 12 (when rendering much shorter clips it starts with some estimated time left and than about 50% in drops by half..don't know why).


      My computer is:


      i7 2600k - not clocked at the moment

      32gb ram



      Is this normal? I never worked with videos longer than 3-4 minutes and I'm not used to waiting 12hours for rendering. If I do not render the clips and leave the line above them in red I do not get them to play flawlessly on my 2nd monitor for checking the progression of the editing (doesn't really matter if I leave it at full resolution or drop it to 1/4 - if the clips are not rendered it will not play smoothly and will freeze every couple of seconds).


      I tried both settings under "memory" - for Performance and for Memory. So far it seems that if I leave it for Performance that it will take 12hours, if set to Memory it starts with 19 hours.


      Looking at the task manager tells me that while rendering under Performance settings my CPU is being used between 75-85% and my memory is aroudn 6-9GB (at the moment of writing this post, 15min ago it was at 16gb out of 32gb). If I switch to Memory setting, the CPU is used at around 40-60% and Memory goes up to 10gb. In the Premiere pro settings I have 26Gb of RAM allocated for Premiere Pro.


      Along with editing I only have running 2 tabs in Chrome and winamp. Everything other worth mentioning is closed.


      So should this really take 12hours? :/

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          crammondslo Level 1

          A bit more info, I have the GPU "assistance" turned on (don't remember the exact setting name at the moment but you know what I'm talking about).


          Now, after 11minutes, it dropped to 5 hours and 40minutes and is jumping up and down by 10-20 seconds....


          6 hours seems more reasonable but again it seems like a lot. About 40sec video with the same setting takes around 5-8 minutes. If I have 16minutes of material it should take between 120 and 200minutes (3,5 hours) and not almost 6h...  :/

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            crammondslo Level 1

            A bit more update...I was too fast as it seems. Good 17 minutes into rendering and it dropped to 1 hour and 55 minutes and the time is decreasing as it should (more or less, no more 20sec jums up and down). Now that seems more like it. Next time I will wait a bit more before opening a new post.

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Off hand it does seem excessive, I wonder if it is Colorista that is the problem .


              I have a 46 minute HXR-NX5U (plus a second camera HDR-CX190) video of a wedding that only required FCC.  This transcoded to MPEG2-DVD in 904 seconds (~15 minutes) now this was on a different class machine a hex-core i7-980X running at 4.2GHz with 24 GB of RAM and a GTX680 GPU and a very fast RAID 0 array.


              I also have a H.264 personal benchmark with the same AVCHD

              HXR-NX5U source material the is 80 seconds long and with very, very heavy usage of MPE accelerated the GPU effects and features takes 18 seconds to transcode to MPEG2-DVD at 24 fps.  Without the GPU it takes 286 seconds.


              I guess it is the Colorista that is making your timeline red.  Can't you achive the same reults by using some Adobe effect/feature?

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                crammondslo Level 1

                I don't know if we are talking about the same thing (or I'm a bit lost in Premiere) - but I'm not transcoding it to another fromat (like MPEG2-DVD) - I'm just rendering video previews.


                As it seems now it will all be done in about 1 hour and 15-20 minutes. That is rather accaptable for me.


                I never use colorista but this time it helped me a lot with the HSL settings (circles).

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                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  O.K. sorry sometimes the term "rendering" is used by some people when encoding or transcoding and rereading your post it really is clear that you are rendering the timeline


                  If you want to reduce or eliminate rendering of the timeline you have to not use effects or features that cause the red lines.  If you put a raw clip from your HXR-NX5U into the timeline it should be just a clean yellow line like thisAVCHD-Timeline.jpg

                  This clip has: Fast Color Correction, Brightness and Contrast, Gamma, and 3-way color correction applied and it is all yellow and plays beautifully in CS 5.5 and CS6.  If you are getting red lines then either your GTX 570 is not set up properly or the redlining happens because of a non-accelerated MPE effect


                  Here is how you verify that your GTX 570 is setup and working:


                  Have you tested your system with our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM5.5)?

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                    crammondslo Level 1

                    Thanks for the reply.


                    I tried with another HXR-N5U clip and yes, as long as I don't drop the looks on it it stays yellow and plays "ok".


                    I have the Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration turned on.


                    I will try the BenchMark tomorrow and write the results.



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                      Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I guess the "looks" are the Colorista effects, which I have never used.  Maybe one of the readers here can give you an idea if that effect can be done with an Adobe MPE accelerated effect.

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                        0to60tv Level 1

                        Is it magic bullet looks you are using? I have found that the magic bullet plugins (whilst awesome plugins) take FOREVER to render both on the timeline and exporting...but the "look" you get is worth the wait in my opinion!