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    Premiere creating huge project files that become corrupted & auto save not working

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      I'm looking for some help with the issues described below. This is the second time recently that I have had the following problem:

      -I'm editing in Premiere all day and everything is hunky-dory -EXCEPT- towards the end of the day, I notice the progress bar starts taking a longer time to save the project.

      -Concerned about this, I save a copy of the current project and try to open it, but the copied project file is inexplicably huge: 309mb to 1.8GB in size.

      -I try to open these large files, which takes forever and I end up getting the message that the project has been damaged and cannot be opened.

      -Then I go back to the original file I was working on before the long saves began and I discover that this project file has also now become corrupted and can't be opened.

      -I check my auto save folder: Documents->Adobe->Premiere Pro->6.0->Adobe Premiere Pro Auto-Save. There are 5 autosave files in there and none of them are within the past 20 minutes, which is what my default auto save preferences are.


      -The last time I had this problem, Disk Utilities informed me that my hard drive had become corrupted and I had to do a disk repair boot. I was walked thru this process on the phone with Apple because the standard procedure did not work.

      -After repairing my hard drive, I start getting screen glitches and distortions that look like a bad logic board. I'm familiar with what these look like since my previous Macbook Pro developed a bad logic board too.

      -So I take my 3 month old Macbook Pro Retina to the genius bar and they decide to ship it to Apple to get a new logic board.

      -I get the computer back a few days later, get back into Premiere and all is well for a couple of days and I think I'm out of the woods, until tonight, I start getting the slow saves once again and this process repeats itself.


      Anyone have similar issues or advice on this one?

      I'm lost as to whether it's hardware or software related at this point.

      Many thanks in advance,



      Computer: Macbook Pro Retina 15" w/16GB RAM, 500GB solid state drive, OS 10.8.2

      Software: Adobe Creative Cloud member, using Photoshop, Premiere 6.0, Speedgrade (not all at once)

      Add'l Software: Magic Bullet Looks 2.0

      Source footage: Canon 5D MK3


      FOOTNOTE: Now I'm also getting flash frames from adjacent clips when I try to trim my edits. Also, certain clips that I placed color correction effects on, then rendered, then removed the effects from have the last frame of the clip still with the effect on it and when I try to trim that off, I get flash frames from the adjacent clip. I'm starting to pull my hair out.


      FOOTNOTE 2: I updated to 6.02 and still having the same problems.


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          Nellyvader Level 1

          I've semi-solved the problem by going back to an earlier sequence in the project, before I rendered anything and rebuilt from there. Hopefully the update took care of some issues with rendering.


          The next bit of agony is trying to get my project into Speedgrade. What a bad joke that application is.


          The "send to speedgrade" is useless as it creates unmanageable DPX files. Exporting an EDL from Premiere that actually worked took an hour of research to discover that I have to put all the video on one track and delete all transitions and audio, as well as uncheck video and audio levels and audio tracks export boxes in the save window. Oh, on top of that, once I finally got an EDL to work in speedgrade, it gives me another one of its pretty red error boxes telling me that it can't work with my 60fps clips that are interspersed in the cut. I haven't found any info online yet how to resolve this issue. For now, I'll go back to Magic Bullet Looks 2.

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            Floline Media Level 1

            I was seeing the same thing on CS6 on windows. It looks as if it has to do with the warp stabilizer rendering them within the project file. I have a project that I did a lot of warp stabilization, and the project is almost 400mb! I noticed it when moving the files to a different hard drive, and the auto save was over 1GB.

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              shooternz Level 6

              Do you only have a single drive in this system?

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                Floline Media Level 1

                Mine is a single drive, an internal Western Digital 750GB 7200 black. I moved the project to an external 1TB 7200 USB3 drive. I've edited several large projects on this system, and this is the first I saw this. Seemed to be due to all of the warp stabilization.


                My system is a Sony Vaio VPCF23EFX/B

                i7 2.2GHz, 8GB DDR3 1333, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (with the cuda hack)

                CS6 Master Collection

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                  I am having the same issue, I am on a brand new iMac. The saving starts to take longer and longer, and everytime the autosave starts, the computer crashes.

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                    I'm having a similar issue: auto-save suddenly stops working. After that, as an added bonus, Premiere crashes.


                    It's happened a couple of times in the past days on my current project and it's frustrating because those two problems aggrevate one another: the crash would be half bad if the autosave worked OK; and it's almost as if I only experience this crashing every time I notice that the autosave is no longer working.


                    The project is not too complex: plain old PAL video (25 fps) that a customer wanted me to present as good as possible. The lenght is about 22 minutes. Because the footage is shaky and at times the lightening is bad I did have to correct quite a bit though, including the Warp stabilizer (with which I'm actually very happy. It's a huge time-saver compared to the manual tracking in CS4, and the results are better too).


                    This is what typically happens: I have set the auto-save to every 10 minutes. At a certain point I notice that I haven't seen that save dialog in a while, and I go check in the auto-save folder and indeed: it hasn't saved a copy in the last hour.

                    So, I press CMD-S and up pops the infamous spinning-beachball-of-doom, leaving me no choice but to roll my eyes, and rest my head on my desk in despair force quite Premiere and redo an hour of work.


                    There doesn't seem to be a particular situation in which this problem appears; except that it started to happen as soon as the prproj file started to grow. Which, as I've read elsewhere, seems to be a consequence of using the Warp stabilizer. Well, I suppose those data have to go somewhere; even though I find 490 Mb pretty large for a PAL 25 fps project of this length - even with half the clips using the stabilizer*. Before I added the stabilizer, it was 4 Mb.


                    Before this project I worked on a 1080HD / 60 fps project (about 10 minutes long) and had no problems at all with Premiere crashing or auto-save quitting. I also used the warp stabilizer in there, and the prproj file finally grew to 240 Mb.


                    So it's two (possibly related) problems: the first is that the auto-save stops saving my work, the second that the (seemingly unavoidable) crash thereafter.


                    It would be great if someone has a clue how to fix / work around this.



                    - lu


                    technical details:

                    Premiere Pro 6.0.2

                    macbook pro, 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7

                    Nvidia gt 650m, 1024 Mb

                    16 Gb RAM

                    OSX 10.8.3



                    * I was wondering how much data that would be? Doing a bit of back-of-an-envelope math: say, this project has 25*60*10 ~= 15.000 frames that use the stabilizer.

                    Now, say that for every frame there is stored the scale, rotation, position and possibly skew and perspective distortion parameters ... what would amount to, let's say - using a byte per parameter - 8 bytes per frame. That would result in this project containing 15.000 * 8 bytes = 120 Kb of stabilisation information (I was thinking of a stabilisation work flow that I used with CS4's Mocha and AE which involved copy/pasting exactly this sort of textual tracking data from Mocha to AE).

                    Of course this is assuming that the information is encoded quite densely (ie. no XML type overhead bloat), but not compressed in any way.

                    Yet, the project has grown with three- to four thousand times that amount - I find it difficult to believe that the warp stabiliser really needs THAT much extra information ...