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    Organizing, deleting, renaming sequences


      I have encountered a realy strange problem with Premiere Pro CS6 - when I import a clip, and then drag it into the timeline, it plays with only an portion of the full image (ie, part of the person's face, instead of full head & shoulders). Since this is one of those incomprehensible glitches (it has nothing to do with the % option, even when I reduce it to 10% the tiny screen only contains the same hacked up portion), I gave up trying to fix it and just started a new sequence, and found that the same clip, dragged into the timeline, played full size.


      Now I want to delete the old sequence so i can rename the new one with the same name as the deleted old one and just pray this weird glitch never recurs.


      First: has anyone ever had a similar problem?


      Secondly, and most importantly, can someone explain to me how to organize, delte, and rename sequences?


      thanks in advance