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    PP CS6 sluggish and freezing

    hershd777 Level 1



      I am having numerous problems with PP freezing, especially the monitor window.  Other CS6 problems are working fine.


      Windows 7 64

      I7 980x

      24gig mem

      gtx 580


      Asus rampage III extreme


      I just updated to 6.0.3. 


      When simply moving in the timeline there is a lag.  I am working with fairly large stills (5mb) and many layers, but time line indicator is yellow.

      Also I noticed that when I press the "enter" key to render, nothing happens.  I have to go to the sequence menu and "render entire work area".  I have checked the settings and task manager does not show systme maxed out. 


      Not sure what's wrong


      I wouldn't mind reinstalling if I knew how...don't have disks, download.