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    can you help me with lingo?

      I want to show individual short pieces of film that people can scroll along and play by clicking each piece.
      They can then drag their favourite pieces onto a time line and play them as one piece of film.

      Can this be done if so how?
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          > Can this be done if so how?

          Yes, this can be done.

          The "how" is the same in all general cases: break it down into smaller
          chunks and work on those until the big picture is complete. If there are
          smaller pieces that you don't know how to do, then by all means ask for
          help. The phrasing of your question is so broad as to suggest you'd like
          someone here to build your application for you. While you might find
          someone willing to do that, you won't learn much from the experience.

          Have you used Director before? Do you know how to layout cast members as
          sprites in the score? When you say "film" do you mean "video"? If so,
          you can place video sprites on your stage and have the playhead loop or
          pause on top of these sprites. Then you could attach a behavior to each
          video sprite that makes it play when clicked. Do you want it to play in
          situ, or in a larger window? Break it down into manageable pieces and
          tackle them one at a time.