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    After Effects Stopped Working at Launch.


      Basically, when i load up Adobe After Effects CS6, it does it’s normal thing.. (Loads up the plug-in’s so on…). Then when it finishes loading it comes up with a error: After Effects has stopped working. ( http://gyazo.com/88096f3c9d42b10c3c3dc3c6243a9820 <— SCREENSHOT)

      I've sent the information (like that does any use) and i've tried deleting that specific file in the Temp folder. Any help would be appreciated.


      Additional information:


      -It has been updated to the latest.

      -This error happened a day after i upgraded to Windows 8.

      -All updates have been installed for Windows 8.

      -I'm not trying to open a specific project, just a blank one.


      Thanks, Phillip.