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    CC simple wire removal in-depth tutorials

    rowby Level 1



      I am looking for an in-depth tutorials for CC simple wire removal.   I want to learn the subtleties, all the features, of the effect.  Beyond the Point A and Point B.  Most of what I find on Youtube and elsewhere barely  touch on all of its features, and techniques.


      Any suggestions?





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Simple wire removal is a pretty simple tool. It just does one thing. Find the flaw, mark it, adjust the width. You can add tracking info, but beyond that there's not much the plug-in is capable of. Just pick a removal style. If it does not produce the results you want, try another. Adjust the other parameters until the repair is acceptable and you're done.


          What specifically are you trying to do that goes beyond fixing a flaw in a frame.