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    SMPTE Timecode generator

    EditorPete Level 1

      Hi all,

      Wondering if PrP or Audition has a smpte time code generator?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, PrPro has the TimeCode Effect, which is SMPT, and can be added to a Transparent Video, above your Clips, but I am not sure that is what you are looking for.


          Good luck,



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            lasvideo Level 4

            And according to a dialoge I had with AJA about 3 months ago (regarding the SDI ouput of the PrP timeline) , Premiere doenst not generate timecode in the SDI output signal. And apparently according to their tests, FCP 7 did on the same machine they did the testing on.

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              EditorPete Level 1

              Thanks Bill,

              After re-reading, I guess I wasn't clear. Sorry. I was wondering if PrP was capable of producing "audio" smpte tc. Some of my clients request a seperate tc track on one of the audio channels for syncing multiple screen shows. Thanks for your input.



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                EditorPete Level 1

                Thanks Tom,

                For most of my work, I've only been outputting to files of late. Even when I worked on the Avid DS, I rarely let my edit system generate TC for outputting to tape. I used pre striped time coded tapes to "insert edit" on to. I realize you might not be talking about editing out to tape, but just thought I'd chime in.




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                  lasvideo Level 4

                  I understand. When I was on DS I did the very same thing  .  I was just sharing TC related info that I though might be related to what you were posting about.

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                    Rallymax-forum Level 3

                    Are you still interested in outputting audio LTC file from PPro as one of the audio tracks?

                    What output video format do you want the audio track to go with? Would you like it as an extra track during export. eg you make h.264 + aac and have another audio track in the MOV/MP4 file in WAV or AAC with the LTC audio track?


                    Can you tolerate it being an Effect? - it would mean that you need to have 16ch audio and assign it to not the L,R,C,RL,RR,Sub tracks and mute it while editing and remember to turn it back on before export - otherwise it'll be in the stereo or 5.1 mix.


                    Or is there no audio that goes along with your video multi-cam footage?