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    Monitor for CS6


      I am looking to replace my current set up (PC, Premiere 1.5 and Matrox RTX100) with an up to date system


      One of the most useful features I have at present is a TV Monitor connected to the Matrox breakout connector. I keep the 2 PC monitors exclusively for Premiere itself.


      I am currently acquiring footage with a Panasonic SD700 at 1080/50p - and obviously need an updated system to handle this


      If I chose to go the Adobe CS6 route then I understand I can import this onto the CS6 timeline but the nearest I can get to the input format for output would be 1080/50i (let's forget about Blu Ray and its specs for the moment to keep things simpler).- ie the nominal highest quality would be 1080/50i.


      As far as I can make out, in order to have a TV monitor connected I would need a Matrox MiniMax or a Black Magic Card



      I also think that the Black Magic card might be able to handle 1080/50p - however, does that help in this case as the final output is 1080/50i ?


      As I read it, the  Matrox unit can only go up to 1080/50i