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    Burning a Dvd


      Hello, when I try to burn a dvd or create a movie to a file, a "Indexing" screen appears and nothing happens. Thanks in advance...Jim

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          First, I would take a look at this article, as it asks for some important information: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/459220?tstart=0


          Also, along with that information, please let us know exactly which steps you are taking, to either Burn to Disc (the DVD), or when you go to Export/Share/Publish the Timeline.


          Good luck,



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            jamped57 Level 1

            Ok hear goes:


            HPE 480t

            Windows 7 Home Premium(x64) Service pack 1 build 7601

            2.8 Gig Itel i7 930

            64 kilobyte primary memory Cache

            256 Kilobyte secondary memory Cache

            8192 Kilobyte tertiary memory cache

            Milti core(4 total)

            Hyper treaded (8 total)

            9208 Megabytes Memory

            Nvidia GeForce GT420

            NVidia Hight Definition Audio (4x)

            Disk Drive c: 1.35 TB   .98 TBfree

            "                 " D 12.5 Gig 1.54 GB free( back up drive)

            "                 " E 931 GB 261 G free(backup drive)

            "                  "K 931 GB 595 G free(backup passport)

            DVD CDDVD W TS H653R


            Total paging file size

            average 9207MB

            min allowed 16mb

            recommended 13810 mb


            Running PE 11 however I also have PE 7 on the system but not used


            I go to Publish and Share

            select DVD

            Burn to Disk

            NTsc_Widescreen_Dolby DVD

            select Burn

            Indexing popup come on.....then nothing. However the probram does not lock up so after awhile I x out.


            Now for the Assets


            Media Duration is set to00,00,10,00 at 29.97 fps mostly JPG

            I have Wav files at 44,100 Hz and some at  16,000 Hz




            AVI 23.08 fps, and 15.00

            Wmv at 30.00 fps






            Movie starts out with Audio and Jpg image(1st 2 images are 3 minutes total )with a 40 second video overlapped in the center of each picture. Along with this a MPEG audio is playing.


            Video 2 pan and zoom title at 0 sec for 16 sec

            Video 1 jpg pic at 24 sec

            Audio 1 0 sec




            The rest is stills with some audio overlay.


            In spots I will use other video(from above)


            I do have gaps between pictures


            So far total  is around 2 hours


            Hope I gave enough information


            Started this project with PE4 then 7 now 11.




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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thank you for that info.


              1. First, what are the pixel x pixel sizes of the JPEG Still Images?
              2. It appears that you are mixing multiple FPS with your Video Assets. Is that correct?
              3. What is the CODEC in the AVI file(s)?


              Good luck,



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                jamped57 Level 1

                and more


                1. 480x379, 817x1355, might be other sizes

                2. Yes

                3. dvsd, wmv3, MP42 ...is this what I should be looking for?