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    MovieClipAsset help

      I'm trying to use a MovieClipAsset in Flex2 that I have created in Flash CS3. I downloaded Flex Kit for Flash and installed that, and now I can load my movie clip in to flex and it plays. I can load my movie clip in flex using a tag like: <ns1:myMovieClip id="myClip" />

      The problem is that Flex just automatically plays the movie clip in a loop. I'd really prefer that it A) Didn't play until I tell it to by calling myClip.play() B) That it didn't loop C) That I get a callback or event when the movie clip has finished playing.

      This seems like it would be easy, but I can't seem to figure it out! I also tried putting stop() calls in Flash on keyframes but it just seems to ignore them. Any ideas? I'm deperate!