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    DVD quality lower than expected


      I’m trialling Premiere Elements 11 with a view to purchasing it to allow my Dad to easily edit video from his new camcorder.  The importing and editing work great.  (We are importing .m2ts in full HD from a Panasonic camcorder.)


      However when we come to burn the DVD the quality is very poor, pretty much looks like a VHS!


      We have got better quality by burning the same footage to DVD using the Panasonic own software (but it is difficult for my dad to use).


      I have checked:

      • Project settings are correct (1920x1080)
      • We have rendered it with the preview render button before burning
      • We’re in the UK so selecting PAL-widescreen output on the DVD burning stage
      • We were only testing it with 10 mins footage, so no problem with length reducing quality


      Would love to be able to fix this as the Premiere Elements 11 would be great for my dad in all other respects!  Any ideas? Thanks!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You do know that DVDs are standard definition video, right? So the DVD you create is going to have less than 1/4 the resolution of your original video.


          I don't know why you would get a better quality DVD using your Panasonic software. It should be identical, if your workflow is correct.

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            mikerolf Level 1

            Hi, yes we were expecting the quality to be lower, but not this low, also the difference to the Panasonic software makes me think I'm missing something here.


            The only option we've not tried is ticking "maximum bit depth" which is an option under Edit > Project Settings > Video Rendering

            Would that help the output?



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              No. That affects the preview quality only. Not your final output.

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                I took some screenshots to illustrate the difference we are seeing:


                Image ought to be clickable for the unscaled original.

                Upper half is obviously APE, the bottom one Panasonic - came with the camera - software.


                On the DVD there is a minor difference in size, 85 vs 80MB for the same clip. The resolution is pretty much there, but the Panasonic software is much clearer. Also quite puzzled on the colour shift between the 2.

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                  whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                  I have the same software and a Panasonic camcorder. 


                  To get high picture quality you have to stop making DVDs. 


                  The very best quality will come from setting the camcorder to 1080p50.  The files will be big.  Both HDWriter (that comes with Panasonic camcorders) and PrE11 can use that level.  It is also the best setting for action sports.


                  You did not say what you are using for a DVD player or what sort of TV or other viewing device you want to use.


                  If you want to play it in high definition you need to get it to a high definition screen some way without degrading it in a DVD player.  Get a Blu-Ray Player, a media player like a WD TV Live or plug your computer into your HD TV with an HDMI cord.


                  With a Blu-Ray player you can have both of your editors make a thing called an AVCHD disk.  It looks like a DVD, uses DVD disks, but it is not a DVD.  It makes a 1080i version of your footage on an ordinary, cheap DVD in and ordinary DVD burner.  The disk will play on most Blu-Ray players as it is part of the Sony/Panasonic AVCHD standard.  Because you can only put about 4 GB on a DVD, your videos are limited to no more than 20 or 30 minutes.  If you want more, move up to a Blu-Ray burner and use the more expensive disks.  Most current BD players have a USB port.  Panasonics have a SD card reader.  Use either editor and make high definition "computer" files and get them on a memory stick or SD card and they should play.  I have a Sony BD player that will even play high def video files directly off of a DVD, but only if the DVD was used as a data disk.  The idea is that you copy your video to the DVD like you were backing up data files.  The Sony BD player recognizes it as a playable file and sends it to the TV.


                  The WD TV Live media player is a small box that costs about $90 in the US.  It is famous for being really good at playing every video file format, has a remote and a menu system.  It will play anything you make with either editor.


                  The last way is to connect your laptop to your TV or monitor with an HDMI cable. I have a cheap 15 footer.  Anything I play on my laptop is duplicated on my 55 inch TV. 


                  There is one other alternative is to use the Panasonic camcorder as media player.  You have to use HDWriter to move files to your computer for this.  One of it's odd benefits is being able to move file, include edited ones, BACK to the camcorder so you can us it as a HD media player.


                  This stuff is confusing and it took me six months to figure it out after I bought my Panasonic camcorder.  If I can help further, please ask.



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                    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                    Steve Grisetti wrote:


                    I don't know why you would get a better quality DVD using your Panasonic software. It should be identical, if your workflow is correct.

                    Panasonic and Sony wrote and own the AVCHD standards that are somehow connected to Blu-Ray standards as a subset.  Woven in is a vested interest in being able to manage 1080p50/60 files produced on Sony and Pansonic camcorders, played on Sony and Panasonic Blu-Ray Players and viewed on Sony and Panasoic TVs.


                    The Panasonic HDWriter NLE and the Sony PlayMemories Home NLE have long been comfortable with AVCHD files, including 1080p60 before it became part of the AVCHD 2.0 standard last July.


                    Both have a unique campability of triming, clipping and joining 1080p so that the output file is has exactly the same qualities as the orginal.  If you use them to cut up, join or even rejoin files the output file is has exactly the total number of bytes as the mathmatical sum of the parts.  And, they do it very quickly.  There is no evidence of preview rendering.  You never press enter to get the red (now yellow) line to go away.  The downside is they have few "creative" abilities.


                    Don't get me wrong.  I am a PrE fanboy having worked to understand versions 9, 10 and now 11.  However, the under the hood rendering process somehow differently renders the final product in PrE, even version 11 with its now "official" support of 1080p formats.  The output from the Pansonic software IS different that the output from PrE11 where a 1080p60 output preset does not exist unless the user makes a change to the frame rate.


                    And BTW Steve, your 8 lessons on PrE 11 helped me a lot with the new infterface.



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                      Ronald_123456 Level 1

                      We understand DVD is never going to produce the clarity of a medium that is capable of actually storing Full HD resolution. The player used for the screenshots is Cyberlink 9, but appearance is very similar in other players.


                      We intend to make him archive the material in some Full HD format, clips to be archived should be less then 4GB in some MP4 format and could easily be burned to Data DVD's.


                      I'm not sure the receipient of the material has easy access to other methods of playback then DVD, so we hope to find a solution on the DVD output. PrE is vastly superior in ease of use, compared to HDWriter, quite prepared to pay for PrE as well, if the SD output can be improved.

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                        I'm having a similar issue. I recorded a kids theatre production with two camaras and edited it together for the parents. The theatre wants DVDs to give to the parents, but my DVDs are looking like old VHS tapes. It's under 30 min and the files take up less than a third of the disk, so not sure what I'm doing wrong.


                        I want to be able to use the Premier disk menus, so I'd like to be able to publish to DVD from the application.


                        What I'm going to try next is making an MPEG of the final edit (it looks good in HD) and then bring that back into PrE and see if that looks any better when burned to DVD.


                        I was looking at a DVD made from a different parent from a previous performance, and the facial details are much clearer in her DVD, so I'd like to see about uping my quality to be at least as good as the parents have from before.

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                          I can't find email notification link

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                            nealeh Level 5

                            It's probably my ageing eyesight but I see little difference in the quality. To me the white stripe on the central players sock looks clearer to me in the PRE render than the Panasonic (although this may be because the screenshot frames are not identical).


                            You say you took these screenshots from Cyberlink 9. Previewing DVD or Blu-Ray material on a computer monitor is not ideal - there are too many variables. Burn both to DVD-RW discs and watch on a real DVD Player and TV. Is that any better?


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                              I'm getting the same problem. I've videoed a musical show in AVCHD (2 x 60 minutes), edited with menues, and output to DVD. The quality of the DVD is much poorer than similar ones I took earlier this year (same camcorder) but using PE11. There must be an issue with output from PE 12, or is there some setting I have missed?

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                                Ronald_123456 Level 1

                                We're seeing a big difference in resulting DVD feeding PE 1080p and 1080i content. The deinterlacing seems to be very bad compared to HD Writer.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  If one is starting with HD material, and the goal is an SD DVD, then I recommend Jeff Bellune's workflow, using freeware programs here: http://www.bellunevideo.com/tutdetail.php?tutid=12


                                  Adobe's down-rezzing (even in PrPro) is not the ultimate for quality, so Jeff has put together an easy workflow, to get the best possible down-rezzed material.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    MrHotter Level 1

                                    I hope that someone from Adobe is seeing this too so we get some kind of encoding patch.


                                    I had to save the file to .mpg file and then load it into Nero Video 12 to make a DVD that did not look like a VHS. I was hoping to not have to pay more money that I already had on editing/publishing software.


                                    If I make a new Premiere Elements 11 project from the same .mpg that looks good in Nero Video it still looks bad when made into a DVD with Premiere.


                                    Here's a comparison of two DVD images made from the same source file. Of course it's much more noticeable once you go to a large screen TV or monitor.


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                                      mikerolf Level 1

                                      Interesting to see that others are noticing similar problems!

                                      I have abandonned the idea of moving from the trial to full version of Elements now and have taught my Dad a simple path through the Panasonic software (it's painful and clunky to use though).

                                      He just wants to be able to burn DVDs (mainly of fast moving sports footage) to play back in a regular DVD player, and the difference is really noticeable (whether recordinging in "i" or "p") so we'll have to stick with Panasonic.

                                      I hope this can be fixed up in a future version as Adobe is much more user-friendly so I'd have bought it for him otherwise!

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                                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                        >hope that someone from Adobe is seeing this


                                        https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform is where you tell Adobe about problems


                                        When you go there, you might include a link to this discussion thread

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                                          I am having the same issues! I have done the process in older versions of Element Premiere (Version 8) without any problems, actually did one last friday but there is definately in issue with Element Premiere 11. I used high quality images, shot with a Canon T4i and the resaults are lousy and very dissapointing. It seems that when burning to a DVD it doesn't do a render first. I also tried to burn by choosing the 4Gig setup in folder on my hard drive with the same lousy results. So the problem is not pertaining to the DVD burner but is clearly is a software/ codec issue!! I think you need to address this issue otherwise Adobe Premiere Element 11 is useless and you will have lots of unhappy consumer on your hand. I must say though when creating a mpeg2 file in the highest setting the movie turned out pretty sharp. So, it got to be the render issue when burning to DVD. Thank you kindly Carsten E.

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                                            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            When you write that "you" should do something, you are only writing to another user, not to Adobe (this is  user to user forum, not Adobe support)


                                            Use the "wishform" link I posted in message #17 to report a problem


                                            For pictures, you need to read this

                                            Photo Scaling for Video http://forums.adobe.com/thread/450798

                                            -Too Large May = Crash http://forums.adobe.com/thread/879967

                                            -And another crash report http://forums.adobe.com/thread/973935

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                                              Paul51639 Level 1

                                              I am having a similar problem, Hp intel quad core laptop with dvd/bluray burne, Premiere Elements 11, .. dvd burned from PremEl (doesn't matter if burner to folder first or to disk) looks poor (all images slight double image or ghosting along edges) same video burned from Sony Movie Studio looks great.