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    Syncing audio > three point edit workflow?




      Last week I've recorded some footage and now I would like to edit this, but I'm not sure how to create an appropriate workflow. So I was wondering if some of you could advice me.


      My ideal situation will be:

      1. Syncing audio
      2. Re-use it as 'normal' clips (which means trim editor -> in & out point -> in/out point)
      3. Edit my story
      4. Do some grading
      5. Mastering audio in Audition
      6. Et cetera.


      The issue:

      I've have multiple clips from my 7D with synced audio AND better quality recorded audio on a separate device. Most of the time I can remove the whole 'synced version' audio and replace it with the better quality audio available. Actually sometimes shot was that wide the boom operator couldn't boom all characters and want a combination of the audio from the 7D and the separate audio.

      Well, so far no problem. I just synced the separate audio and cut the pieces from the 7D-audio away which I didn't want to use. After that I've selected al my clips and tried to merge it, but this option is disabled and, besides that, even linking is impossible. So my desired workflow is already stuck here. How can I accomplish this?

      And I was wondering if I eventually merge those clips will I keep my separate tracks (one video and two audio, in this case) when I export to Audition? So that I can modify different clips differently?


      Long story for short question: What is the 'best' workflow for syncing > three-point-edit > grading > audio mastering, in Premiere Pro CS6?


      Looking forward to some advice!

      Yours sincerely,

      Jason -


      ps - Please excuse any possible misspellings...