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    Concerning Sony Alph 65 camera storage media and file extensions


      My Setup: Running Win 7-64 bit, Premier-CS6 (from cloud trial), using images and videos from a Sony Alpha 65 SLT  camera


      I've found a few pointers in other posts about this subject of importing AVCHD video but I have not seen mention of the specific structure found in Sony A65 using SDHC media.


      I find these addresses inside:


      Stills: (Media):\DCIM\100MSDCF\(*.JPG and RAW [*.ARW] here)

      Video:  (Media):\\PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\\(*.MTS here)

      ???????: (Media)\PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\CLIPINF\(*.CPI here) [Not sure what these are but the directory name alone (CLIPINF) would seem to indicate they hold some kind of meta information]


      A few posts here have suggested that USER needs to import direct from camera, from inside Premier only, to get all metadata, but I often import the stills and videos with other tools before I ever get to Premier. Things like the sony software PBM and more often the Breeze systems "Downloader pro".  Also using a storage and data base tool called "Imatch" (from photools.com) where source files have often been sorted analyzed and stored on disk.


      One thing I've done in order to get sound from these video files in premier is to rename them with extension "*.m2ts" but I suspect that may lead to problems somewhere.


      So can anyone here spell out a diagram of what is needed to edit these video files inside Premier without glitches?

      And/or explain what each file does or does not contain. and what its function is.. (I mean the *.MTS and *.CPI files)


      In the event the source files are already on disk (USERs hard drive), are there different procedures compared to importing direct from the camera?