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    Locking Non-Template files

    Simon RCL

      I'm new to Contribute ....as will be obvious from the following question!

      I would be very grateful if someone could explain how I can use Dreamweaver 8 to lock any HTM file on my website that is NOT based on a template. Is this possible?

      Best wishes
      Simon RCL
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          What do you mean? You don't want Contribute-users to be able to edit some html-files on the server?
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            Simon RCL Level 1
            Yes. I've constructed a website which has been up and running for some time using DW8 ...and which hasn't been based on templates. I've now installed Contribute 3 to it from a remote PC ...and have successfully made a linked to it. Although I can upload text and images OK using Contribute I haven't been able to change the Permission settings in DW to prevent changes being made to any of the files, - including index.htm!

            I note that the Contribute Administration tools in DW refer to permission settings for folders ...but not for individual files.

            I've been searching Tom Negrino's book on Contribute 3 and can't find a answer. I'd be very grateful for your help!
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              ThinkInk Level 2
              It's not possible to prevent users from editing individual pages. You will have to place the files users can edit in a folder and adjust preferences using the admin-settings.

              Using Templates you can make users able to edit only 'editable regions'and nothing else.
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                Simon RCL Level 1
                Many thanks, ThinkInk. I am grateful.