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    Edge Inspect installer msi not working

    OgreOne Level 1

      I used to run it when it was Shadow just fine. Today is the first time since the upgrade to inspect that I've tried to connect. I uninstalled shadow on the pc. I downloaded the installer from the relative cloud, but the installer, when clicked, give a busy icon for 1 second and then nothing happens. Never shows up in the processes or anywhere else. I am running Vista 64-bit.

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          AllDayDev Adobe Employee

          Sorry to hear you're running into issues getting Inspect installed.


          Note that Inspect is not officially supported on Windows Vista; only Windows 7 and 8. However, we will do our best to help you get this resolved.



          First, I would recommend restarting your computer in a "clean boot" state by following the instructions here:



          After doing so, try to install Inspect.



          If it fails to install in a clean boot, please enable Windows Installer logging and try running the installer again.

          See the instructions here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/223300


          This will generate a log file in your TEMP folder, which if you share with us, should help us to identify the problem.

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            OgreOne Level 1

            Thanks.  I tried both. Neither worked.  I did not receive any file in my

            Windows/TEMP folder.  I have visibility on all files.

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              AllDayDev Adobe Employee

              As mentioned in the Microsoft article, the MSI log does not go to the system's temp folder, but rather to your user temp folder.

              The easiest way to navigate to this folder is to click Start, type "%temp%" (without the qutoes) in the Start Search, and then press Enter.


              Let me know if you're able to find the log that way.

              As long as the Windows Installer service is functional, a log will be created for the MSI session, even if the installer just starts and is immediately terminated.


              And thanks for your patience. Once we see what's going on in the log, we should be able help resolve the issue.

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                OgreOne Level 1

                Sorry, no log was created nor found.  I tried starting up other installers

                which created logs in the folder.  I cleared out the older and tried again,

                but nothing ever comes up when trying to install.  Is there a named file I

                can do a search for? Is it possible to download shadow on the iPad and PC?

                It worked great! Why is there no support for Vista? In the Government

                sector, many of the computers are still running Vista.

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                  AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                  The name of the log file is generated automatically by the Windows installer, so there is no specific name to search for.

                  Shadow is no longer available.

                  As for not supporting Vista, I am not certain of the reason, but would suggest that you submit an Idea to suggest that that team considers supporting Vista.



                  Have you tried downloading the EdgeInspect.msi file again?
                  Since the installer itself isn't even launching, the previous download may not have been completed successfully.


                  You can download it from the Creative Cloud app.


                  If that does not help, I'd suggest you try to invoke the installer from a command line.


                  In case you are not familiar, you will need to start by opening an administrative command prompt window. To do so, go to Start, type "cmd" (without quotes) in the Start Search, and press CTRL+Shift+Enter. (Alternatively, after typing "cmd" in, you can right-click on the command prompt or cmd.exe at the top of the Start menu, and choose Run As Administrator.)


                  Then, navigate in the command prompt to the location of the AdobeEdgeInspect.msi file. For example, you might type cd C:\Users\UserName\Downloads and then press Enter to navigate to your Downloads folder (you would, of course, need to change UserName to your Windows user name).


                  Once there, type the following command and press Enter:

                  msiexec /i AdobeEdgeInspect.msi /lvoicewarmupx %temp%\inspect.log



                  Sorry for the frustration; if you're able to install other software that uses Windows Installer, then we should be able to get Inspect to install as well.

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                    OgreOne Level 1

                    That's alright. Instead of going through this hassle, I suppose I'll just

                    find another program to help me accomplish the task. Maybe next year I'll

                    upgrade to Windows 8, but for now, I'll just do without Inspect.


                    Thanks for your time.

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                      I finally found the solution to this ridiculous problem (at least on my Vista machine).


                      • Left click the installer file and select Properties
                      • In the General tab, look for a button that says "Unblock". Click it.
                      • Go back to your installer file and it should run


                      Good luck! Hopefully this will help Adobe staff troubleshoot what looks to be a fairly common issue among PC users.

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                        Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

                        Thanks for the information mobtownd.

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                          OgreOne Level 1

                          Yes, it worked. Awesome guys. Thanks.