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    CS3 Crashes When Editing Text in Any Way




      I've been having a problem editing any kind of text in all documents (new and exisiting) in CS3 5.0.4 on Mountain Lion.  Any time I try to create a text box, try to edit existing text, create a form and change the content to "text," or do anything related to text, the program crashes.  I've already reset the preferences, and this did nothing.


      I installed CS3 from the install discs to my 2012 Macbook Pro when it was running Lion.  I have since upgraded to Mountain Lion.  This is the first time I've done any serious work in the program since I upgraded.  All other functions appear to be working properly.


      I can't seem to find any threads about text editing crashes in this version of the program, and I don't really understand how to decipher the problem from the crash log, here:



      Any guidance is much appreciated!  Thanks!