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    Setting Focus to datagrid next Item renderer column

    Sonunew2flex Level 1



      I am having spark datagrid with 7 colum, I am facing problem to set focus for item renderer element.


      Below is my datagrid, when user enter some text in text input and press TAB key, I want trade button to be in focus. and from trade column Tab key press I want delete button to be in focus.



      I tried giving

      tabEnabled="true" tabChildren="false" tabFocusEnabled="true" editable="true" hasFocusableChildren="true"

      for datagrid.


      Also i tried giving selectedCell

      var _focusedCell:Object = new Object();

                                                                  _focusedCell.rowIndex = dgTermDepo.selectedIndex;

                                                                  _focusedCell.columnIndex = 5;

                                                                  dg.selectedCell = _focusedCell as CellPosition;


      but nothing is working, I know I am missing some logic or property, Please suggest me on this