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    Am I bottlenecked? Can't figure out where...

    duartix Level 1

      Looking at resource monitor, I'm not using my hardware to it's full potential.

      resource monitor.png

      Here's what I got:


      Intel i7 870  2.93Ghz (4 real cores + 4HT)

      16GB of DDR3 1600MHz

      Nvidia GT 430 (1GB, 96 CUDA Cores, 700MHz)
      Windows 7 64bit.

      So, I've configured AE CS6 according to this tutorial: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/digital-video-cs6/how-to-optimize-after-effects-cs6-for-high-per formance/?go=

      I've enabled Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously, set CUPs reserved to other Applications to 4 (giving 4 real CPUs to AE) with 3GB of RAM Allocation per CPU (for a total of 12GB) leaving a healthy 4GB of RAM for other applications.
      The system disk is a 64Gb SSD and I've got another similar one set up as the scratch.

      GPU rendering is enabled and so is harware accelerated Fast Previews.


      I've got a single FullHD composition (from pre-processed defished TIF stills) and I'm running 3 filters in the following order:

      a) - Warp Stabilizer (Synthesize Edges, just 0.2s for Synthesis Input Range and 25pixels Feather)

      b) - Color Finesse (just a shadow boost through curves)

      c) - Noise reduction (3 passes IIRC, 60% opacity)

      I'm rendering to uncompressed.


      From enabling/disabling those effects, I'd say a) takes 40% of the time, b) less than 10% and c) over 50%.

      Each video frame takes about 9s to process.


      I'm not running "anything else" and the issue I'm facing is that CPU frequency only oscilates between 1200MHz minimum and 1600MHz maximum as if AE wasn't pushing the CPUs.
      4 CPU's are being used at ~60% each, with the virtual cores parked as expected, as can be seen from the attached capture. The source footage is on a regular 1.5TB disk but disk usage is dismall 1.2MB read and 600K writes...
      GPU usage is also NULL.


      Shouldn't the CPUs be at 100% and full clock? I could understand if it's not in the nature of Warp Stabilizer to be parallel friendly but those regular spikes on CPU 2 (which are consistent with 9s per frame) show that neither Noise Reduction is taxing the CPU...
      What gives?


      Thanks in advance.

      Duarte Bruno.


      (edit) This disk where the footage lies easily breaks 50MB/s so it can't be the culprit and I've tried a small compression job on VirtualDub that easily sends the CPU flying to full speed.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are using temporal effects (noise reduction, stabilizer) which require linear progression. Nothing else needs to be said. AE is behaving normally.



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            duartix Level 1

            Cheers Mylenium!
            Can you please elaborate? Are you saying this is a filter natural scheduling issue?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There are two things going on here. Some filters take better advantage of your system's power than others. Some are not MP friendly, some are. Until the developers have the time (and it takes a bunch of time) and the resources (it costs a bunch of money) to make  every program call completely aware of an unlimited variety of plug-ins, system configurations, and background processes so each read/calculate/write process uses 100% of every possible data path, you'll never get an app as complex as AE 100% efficient.


              The second thing going on here is that the system can process data faster than the data can be move on and off a drive. Grab frame info, process it, be done with it, then write it and grab it again before you can grab another frame. When the process requires this kind of analysis the bottle neck is the data transfer rate on and off a drive or in and out of memory. That's the linear progression that Mylenium is talking about. Temporal effects do this kind of processing. Things have to wait for read, calculate, write cycles. We'll just have to wait until developers have the resources to change that. AE gets better at doing most things with each new build. Sometimes bugs pop up, sometimes things that shouldn't slip past QA/QC do, but I  clearly remember when just rendering a simple key took 20 or 30 seconds a frame.


              BTW, Virtual dub can run your CPU's to 100% easily because it's just doing a single set of calculations.

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                Philipp Stäheli


                I have to same problem. But I only use CS6 Warpstabilizer. I understand that's one of the new key features and I guess it supports multiprocessing. I have a HP Z820 with 24 halfcores and only one is active.

                I have set up the system the same way as in duartix' official adobe setup link. All SSDs. Still CPU usage is only 4%. Is that supposed to be like that?

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Yes, the analysis only uses 1 process.