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    Windows 8 - No Flash Player Works


      Windows 8 doesn't allow Adobe Flash PLayer to work at all. Whats the deal?

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          pwillener Level 8

          What exactly do you mean by "doesn't allow"?

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            He is trying to say what i say in other topic. Flash Player build-in Windows 8 does not work under Windows 8. And the surprise is that we haven't rights to uninstall this useless version of flash player. We have to work with this new buggy version. Because this is new and unique version and carries risks as beta it have to be with uninstall option. But no! It was set in Windows 8 as implant. All other browsers work fine, just Internet Explorer 10 is out of control.

            You have to rewrite your software.


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              Ortho_Fan Level 1

              As noted, Flash Player is bundled into IE 10, the default browser for Windows 8 -- http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2012/05/31/windows-release-preview-the-sixth-ie10-platf orm-preview.aspx -- and is no longer an add-on or plugin.

              If there are issues/problems, users are stuck with it until it's fixed.  One such issue surfaced recently, prior to the introduction of Windows 8, concerning vulnerabilities that could allow attacks  -- http://www.informationweek.com/windows/microsoft-news/Microsoft-to-patch-ie-10-ahead-of-wi ndow/240007384



              While browsers are still being developed for the "formerly known as Metro" user interface (UI), you can still install and use Firefox, Google Chrome, etc., and older versions of IE --  AS WELL AS IE 10 --  by simply operating the system in "desktop" mode, which is how you'd use older applications not designed to run on "formerly know as Metro."


              Along this line, this link may be helpful -- http://www.forumswindows8.com/browsers-mail/flash-player-does-not-work-metro-ie-10-a-6495. htm  Note, the advice given in the first response.


              Also this, from the FAQ's section of this forum -- http://forums.adobe.com/message/4814662#4814662



              Personally, I plan to stick with "Windows 7" since I don't like the idea of constantly switching back and forth between UI's, which is what "Windows 8" A.K.A. "Windows Frankenstein" forces you to do.



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                I had the same problem.  Flash would work in Chrome but both the Metro and desktop versions of Internet Explorer would not play any flash content.  I wasn't even able to see the flash movie on the official Adobe page...



                So I knew it had nothing to do with "Compatibility Mode" or some rogue websites that just didn't update their pages (vimeo video's wouldn't work either).  I keep hearing the latest Flash version is buggy and since it's not as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling, I had to find another solution


                So after trying all the steps here...




                I was still lost.  Of particular interest was step telling me to update to the latest version of flash.  When I tried, I was told that the Windows Update was already installed.


                MY SOLUTION (Sorry if the steps aren't exact, I'm at work and did this last night)...


                1) Hit "Windows key + r" and type "appwiz.cpl" This will bring up the Add/Remove Program window.

                2) Click on "View Installed Updates"

                3) When you try to install the latest version of Flash via the link above, the error message indicates that update is already installed, when this happens, take note of the update number (something like "KB#######")

                4) Find this number on the list of installed updates, right click and choose "uninstall"

                5) You will probably have to restart after this.

                6) After restarting, attempt to reinstall flash via the link above

                7) Again, you will have to restart.

                8) After restarting, you should be good.


                Hope it helps!!!

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                  gpmic Level 1

                  Side note, the images on the following page seem to be broken...



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                    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                    Thank you for the heads up on the images.  I've sent an email to the folks in charge of this page and it should get fixed soon.


                    In step 4, what KB number did you uninstall?

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                      I dont know how or were to post. But i am leaving this post as i have issue that needs addressed. I am currently doing a web design course includes Dreamweaver and Flash. I am using a Windows 8 64 bit and Internet Explorer 10 the desktop version. My current situation is I have designed my site and Dreamweaver which is still on my computer. And I designed some animation in flash CS5.When I included the animation in the webpage I was designing in Dreamweaver. I saved my document in Dreamweaver. In Dreamweaver CS5 I selected the preview in browser option. And when the page is loaded all that appeared on screen in Explorer 10 was the images on the page. The only thing that didn't show was the animation from Flash. And throughout all of my searching and trying to find an answer and troubleshooting and all that I have done. I still have got no answer. I have only a few weeks to complete my website. And I have to use Adobe Flash CS5. I have to include animations in my website. As the course I doing requires animation created in Flash. As the course is DREAMWEAVER CS5 AND FLASH CS5. I cannot do the website for the end of my course just doing Dreamweaver I need to include animation. But since Explorer does not show any flash animation. I wouldd like an answer for the situation. As Flash is built into Windows 8 and into Explorer 10. And even when I opened up Firefox and tried to install Flash player the latest version through the browser. Windows 8  wouldn't allow me to install Flash player in Firefox. So seems whatever I do I can't seem to find an answer. And since you's created the flash player and are working with Microsoft. Is there any way round this.

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                        pwillener Level 8

                        millerbox wrote:


                        Windows 8  wouldn't allow me to install Flash player in Firefox.

                        How so?