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    How do I change to a new page from within a cflayout?

    Jeff_Self Level 1
      I have a main page (dspSystemsGrid.cfm) that uses a cfgrid layout to provide a list of "systems". The user can click on a system and get sent to a new page called dspSystemsMain. This page is using tab layouts. The first tab is called t1. It contains a form with information about the system. On an update, the submit calls a processForm page which updates the database. At the end of this, I am using a <cflocation url="dspSystemsGrid.cfm" to get back to the main page containing the grid. But its not working. Its trying to return it inside of the cflayoutarea t1 in my dspSystemsMain page.

      What can I put in my processing page to automatically return to the dspSystemsGrid page?