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    Conversion of PE 10 Catalogue to PE 11


      I installed PE 11.  It asked if I wanted to convert previous PE 10 Catalogue to PE 11.  I have about 49,000 pix, many edited, ALL tagged.  I said yes.  It started, converted a very few media files, and stopped.  Can't figure out how to convert ALL PE 10 files.

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          18qwer Level 3

          I found this in the help file:


          Use (convert) a catalog of a previous version

          When you open Elements Organizer for the first time after installation, you are prompted to

          convert catalogs from previous versions. When you click Yes, catalogs from the previous

          version are converted and renamed.

          If you have not converted catalogs earlier, use the following procedure to convert catalogs

          from previous versions.

          Note: Adobe recommends that you take a backup of your previous catalog using File > Backup Catalog.

          1. In the latest version of Elements Organizer, select File > Manage Catalogs.

          2. Click Convert.

          3. Select the catalog from the list that is displayed.

          4. Click Done.


          Try this and see if it works.

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            ~V Adobe Employee



            Do you see an error message or does it stop at particular stage during conversion. Can you post a screenshot if feasible?




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              CindiSell Level 1

              I found the training video and went back and did the PE 10  optomize  and

              repair.  Then I found the name of the 10 catalogue. Finally  PE 11 asked for

              previously converted files (It hadn't found the PE 10  catalogue before) and

              when I found that catalogue and told it to convert--it did  so. 


              Funny thing.  It stopped at 36% and took a long time going through  several

              million files   like



              Then it raced to 100%, and, voila,  my 50,000 pix came up.


              Now I am concerned because Carbonite doesn't seem to be backing up all 

              those files???


              A month or so ago when I wrote tag and other info onto file names through 

              PE10, it took Carbonite a month to back up all the changes.  Now I don't 

              see much backup work for Carbonite after I did the conversion to PE11.


              I have been buying the new programs since PE2, so I have done a lot of 

              changes.  I always keep at least the current program and the last on the 

              computer in case of problems.  It has helped several times when something  went

              bad in the current PE pgm.


              Thanks for the help.



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