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    Table border not flush with text frame

    sPretzel Level 1



      This is for CS4. I set both table and cell borders to 0pt. I do that vie table and cell styles. When I create the table in a text frame, the table takes the width of the text frame minus what appears to be 1pt in width (looking at the faint blue line outlining the table). I don't understand why it is not flush with the text frame.

      Why is that? And how can I get the table flush with the text frame, given that it has no borders (or 0pt borders).



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          Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

          Could you possibly take a screenshot of your table in the Normal view mode?


          I imagine that this space you are referring is a result of you having removed the stroke from your table, which will leave extra space opposite side text is aligned to.


          In this case it appears on the right of the table as the table is left-aligned:

          Screen Shot 2012-11-04 at 21.30.57 .png


          If this is indeed the case, you can use the Selection Tool to select the right edge of the table and drag it to the full width of the text frame. If you have snapping on, it will even snap to the edge for you!


          Hope that helps.

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            sPretzel Level 1

            Hello Alec,


            Thanks for taking time to respond. I suspected this was the problem at first but I don't think it is. It seems I have solved the issue but I still don't understand it...so perhaps I haven't really got to the bottom of it.

            To address the case you described, I created the table and the frame containing it using styles, in which I set the borders of the table and its cells to zero. I still have the problem you show above. (I used styles because the default table has a non-zero border).


            Here is a description of my issue with a picture. I created a text frame (no border). I then set rounded corners of 0.25" radius for this frame.

            Inside the frame, I created a default table (in the picture, it has a 1pt black border), centred inside the frame. In the picture, you can see that the two outlines for the left side of the frame and the table are slightly misaligned. On the right side, the misalignment is even worse. Perhaps you can reproduce this on your end. I have no idea why: 1- the misalignment is not the same on both sides, since my table was centred; 2- why the two outlines of the text frame and the table are not flush right on top of each other.


            On another note, how come some of the cell or table properties are not available as table or cell property definitions? For example, I cannot set the cell width in a cell style!


            Again, this is in CS4.


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              sPretzel Level 1

              Hi Alec,


              I have looked further into this. Here is what I have done (only objects are involved, no tables).

              1- I created a 0.5"x0.5" box (object) with text assigned as its content. The box has a white backgraound and a 1pt black border, and square corners. I then set the alignment inside the box to centre. I also set "Align stroke to Outside" for this box.

              After that, I created a second box, same size 0.5"x0.5", but with border set to 0pt and background colour to yellow. I cut and paste this second box into the first box and the result is the box on the left side of the attached picture (picture is cropped to top part of the box).


              2- I did everything similar to #1. At the end, I selected the box with the black border and set its corners to rounded with a 0.1" radius. The result is the box on the right of the picture (it's cropped again). You can see now that the outside and inside box are misaligned. This is what I don't understand. I expected the boxes to be aligned (flush) just like the picture on the left, except for the yellow background sticking out on the corners.

              Is this a bug? How do I get proper alignment for the boxes in #2?

              This is in CS4.



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                sPretzel Level 1

                Would anyone have any insights into this issue? Thanks.

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                  Tom Usrey Level 3

                  I just checked this in CS 5.5 and I'm getting your exact same results. If the Stroke is set to Outside, the yellow frame offsets when pasted inside. And if the Stroke is set to Center or Inside, the content just oversets when the yellow frame is posted inside. I am seeing an Anchored Object icon on the yellow frame, so it is possible to move it to where you need it.


                  The other strange thing is if the Frame (with stroke) content is set to align Left or Right. Then, when the yellow Frame is pasted into the other, there is a large shift, so a lot of the yellow frame is sticking outside the stroked Frame.


                  Doesn't seem right, and it may be a bug.

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                    sPretzel Level 1

                    Hi Tom,


                    Thanks for looking into this. I had also noticed the large shift when the paragraph alignment is set to Left or Right, I didn't understand that either. You see an Anchored Object icon on the picture I attached? (how do you see that?)

                    I can realign the inside box with the Left Indent in Paragraph, but there again, it is not always repeatable (I have seen the same setting generate a different left indent when the height(!) of the box changes - yet the height is supposedly independent from the width).

                    I hope someone can suggest a stable workaround.

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                      Tom Usrey Level 3

                      I see the Anchored Object icon in my file, when I mouse over the Frame that's pasted into the other.

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                        Tom Usrey Level 3

                        Another thing I notice is that if you use Paste Into, the yellow Frame goes into the Stroked Frame without a problem.

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                          sPretzel Level 1

                          I just tried your suggestion Tom. It seems to work really well. I have to play a bit with it to make sure there is no hidden glitch. It requires a few more steps but it appears to be a workaround. I'll advise if I see any suspicious behaviour. Thanks again!