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    Updating Text in InDesign layout.


      I have a layout of a client's manuscript into InDesign. The source material was a Word document that I imported and styled. Now the client has some minor errors of her script she has corrected. Is there a way to update the text without A) Reflowing the whole script back in or B) doing it manually one edit at a time? What is the typical workflow for a situation like this?





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Did you link the Word file when you placed it? I suspect not, since the default is to not link.


          That said , even if it is linked, my recommendation would be to make the corrections manually rather than risk losing any formatting you may have done in ID (linking Word files only really works if the formatting is done entirely in Word or the authors are scrupulous abourt using styles correctly -- a very rare occurrence).


          If you can, get a marked up copy of the text to make it easier to find all the changes.

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            vile83r69 Level 1

            Thank you. I figured that was the route. I didn't want to ask the author to track those changes for me if she didn't have too. I appreciate the help.