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    Noob-nooby problem. Dont want to use stop(); but I want movie to keep playing scene 1.


      Hello once again!


      I have this movie that I have made where the user switches between 3 scenes. scene 1 is the main stage more or less. I want the movie to stay at scene 1. Correct me if im wrong, but if I dont put stop(); in the code, the movie moves on to scene 2 automatically (as scene1 is only 1 frame, per layer.). This creates a problem since I have stuff on my scene 1 that I cant stop, otherwise they kind of loose their purpose point. I have the following on this scene:


      Clock that goes accordingly to time. with this script on it:

      time=new Date();

      seconds = time.getSeconds()

      minutes = time.getMinutes()

      hours = time.getHours()



      hours = hours + (minutes/60);



      seconds = seconds*6;

      minutes = minutes*6;

      hours = hours*30;







      Eye's that follow the mouse cursor: 


      a = eye1._y-_ymouse;

      b = eye1._x-_xmouse;

      angleA = Math.atan2(a, b);

      degrees = angleA/(Math.PI/180);

      setProperty("eye1", _rotation, degrees);

      a2 = eye2._y-_ymouse;

      b2 = eye2._x-_xmouse;

      angleA2 = Math.atan2(a2, b2);

      degrees2 = angleA2/(Math.PI/180);

      setProperty("eye2", _rotation, degrees2);


      and a music track. But thats not the problem. 


      Maybe there is an easy solution for this?